Aug 122009

A Philadelphia man who authorities say stole the identities of eight Lehigh Valley residents and racked up $88,000 of bills in their names — some of which was used to buy penis enlargements for him and a friend and breast implants for two women — has pleaded guilty to more than 40 crimes, according to the Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office.

Jose Amid Juarbe, 39, pleaded guilty this week to 42 counts including: identity theft, writing bad checks, forgery and theft by deception, the district attorney’s office said today.

Juarbe, who was scheduled to go to trial this week on the charges, is slated to be sentenced Sept. 11 by Lehigh County Judge Maria L. Dantos. Juarbe faces a maximum sentence of 246 years in prison if he gets the maximum sentence on all charges and they all run consecutively, according to the district attorney’s office.


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