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Jan 242012

Dionne Cordell-Whitney reports: Minnesota collects DNA samples from newborn children, then illegally keeps the genetic information and shares it with third parties without informed consent of the parents, parents say in a class action. Lead plaintiffs Nathan and Katrina Anderson sued the state, the Minnesota Department of Health, and its […]

Apr 152011

Over on Privacy Lives, Melissa Ngo blogs about an issue I’ve discussed a number of times on this blog:  the collection, storage, and use/misuse of newborns’ blood samples.  Melissa points us to a discussion on Minnesota Public Radio: … On Tuesday, parents, doctors and researchers urged state lawmakers to reject proposed […]

Jan 102009

The Minnesota Department of Health announced new measures Friday designed to address concerns that a program of blood screening for Minnesota newborns could violate patient and family privacy rights. In a key step, the department will propose legislation this year giving it the right to keep infants’ blood samples for […]