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Oct 082014

Alison Diana reports: To combat “doctor shopping,” “pill mills,” and addiction to medications such as pain and anti-anxiety pills, many states have created databases that track the doctors who prescribe and patients who take these medications. Used by pharmacies and practices to ensure consumers aren’t seeing multiple physicians to get […]

Jul 292014

Alison Diana reports: When a doctor treating a North Carolina nursing home patient asked a nurse to text the resident’s lab results, only the two authorized medical professionals saw the message — but the residential facility ended up paying a high price for using this inherently insecure messaging medium. The […]

May 142014

Alison Diana reports: With the mandated adoption of electronic health records (EHRs), many healthcare professionals for the first time got centralized access to patient records. Now they’re figuring out how to use all this information. Although the healthcare industry has been slow to delve into big data, that might be […]

Nov 252013

Ross Anderson writes: Your medical records are now officially on sale. American drug companies now learn that MedRed BT Health Cloud will provide public access to 50 million de-identified patient records from UK. David Cameron announced in 2011 that every NHS patient would be a research patient, with their records opened up to […]