Jul 092014

Jeff D. Gorman reports: A woman whose plastic surgeon gave her before-and-after photos to a television news reporter may have a case for negligence, a Utah appeals court ruled. Dr. Renato Saltz performed surgery on Conilyn Judge’s breasts and torso in 2006. Two years later, a reporter contacted Saltz for a story on how to [...]

Jul 072014

Ella Alexander reports: Michael Schumacher’s missing medical records have been linked to a Swiss helicopter firm in Zurich. French authorities have located the IP address of the computer used by thieves, who stole the former racing driver’s documents last month, to a helicopter company that was due to transport the Formula One champion from Grenoble to Lausanne [...]

Jul 042014

Kate Taylor reports: St. Vincent Breast Center officials said patient’s health information may have been compromised after they sent around 63,000 letters to the wrong patients. The letters included patient names, addresses, and in some cases, a reference to a scheduled appointment. Officials said none of the letters included social security numbers, financial information or [...]

Jul 042014

Associated Press reports: Shortly before the start of a trial to determine whether Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s estranged wife can sell the team, his lawyers filed a motion Thursday to move the case to federal court, alleging his medical privacy has been violated. A probate court trial is scheduled to begin Monday to [...]

Jul 042014

The Press Association reports: A man who committed “appalling and horrific” murders is fighting for the legal right to remain anonymous while he seeks rehabilitation. The convicted double killer is asking for his identity not to be revealed as he challenges a decision refusing him unescorted leave in the community, which is a key step [...]